Teaching Vocabulary Mastery by Mnemonic Technique

Mnemonic is an effectiveness way of enhancing vocabulary learning and recall. It also helps learners elaborate the words. Moreover, by using mnemonic, the students do not feel hard to spell the word, acquire the word, understand the meaning, and use it in a sentence. Mnemonics are used to improve retention of memory. Mnemonic can relate new information to information students already have stored in their long-term memory. Mnemonic provides retrieval clues that make the student recall better the words which have been explained. This condition will always create a positive atmosphere and the students’ mastery of the words covering of four indicators of vocabulary (its meaning, spelling, pronouncing, and using the words).

The activities which are practiced in mnemonic are begun from music (song) mnemonic to pronounce the words then the students to remember the keyword by linking information to familiar material (sounds and meanings are both given consideration), envision the picture and how it relates to the definition, and finally recall the definition. Finally, the learners have to create the first or more than one letter of each word in a list of items to make a name of a person or thing.

It is very crucial of students to have high creativity in learning. They will be able to think creatively. The students who have high level of creativity will have high ability in mastering vocabulary. They will memorize vocabulary better by mnemonic. Students came up with high creative ideas and personalizing the mnemonic seems to have eliminated any problems in learning vocabulary. They will apply Mnemonic that their teacher has explained to produce the newly learned words.  Moreover, students having high level of creativity will be faster and easier to express their good ideas in learning process.

Penulis : Dhian Marita Sari

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